I-Mag (Big Screen Image Magnification), Internet Webcasting and Recording

VIDEOBOB system is ideally suited for:

•  Panel Discussions
•  General Sessions
•  Live Streaming
•  Special Events
•  Live Music Video
•  Touring Events
•  Award Presentations
•  Entertainment
•  Meetings
•  Motivational Speakers
•  Question & Answer
•  Product Reveals
•  Trade Shows & Forums
•  Security Restricted Events



•  No audience distraction from the camera crew
•  No obstructed views
•  Maximizes valuable floor space
•  No camera platforms or tripods
•  Housing and transport of large crews is all but eliminated
•  Cameras can be placed anywhere in the room
•  Optimum camera angles
•  Set-up and breakdown is quick and efficient
•  Systems function superbly within all production environments
•  Image quality and camera movement is superior
•  Our HD systems enhance multi-media interface.